Shri Satguru Brahm Sagar Ji "Bhuriwale"

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When every incarnation body was asked "which of the nagar (place) you like most out of their lok (world). Everyone expressed his choice as ShriRam for Ayodhya, Shri Bhola Shankar for kashi, the same way our Shri Satguru Brahmmsagar Maharaj Bhuriwale prefer for Rampur (Poswal) gaon, Dist: Ropar, Punjab, (India). He always liked to live alone in the bushes of jungle and devoted his whole life for worshiping god and preaching to innocent people. Holy divine Shri Brahmsagar Maharaj Bhuriwale is more brightened among the holy Indian saints.

Shri Satguru Brahmsagar Ji (Bhuri Wale) took birth at village: Rampur, Distt. Ropar in Punjab (India) on 1862 A.D on janmashtmi.

At the age of 20, he entered in saints life. He always loved to live alone in lonely places of jungle. He devoted most of his life period for worshiping God. He had always worn simple bhgwa (saint color) clothes and took simple food .

He always preached the people how to live and how to worship the almighty God.He always restricted his followers from eat and drink bad things.

He also advised not to smoke and live according to the Garibdassi preachings."He guide all the people who came in contact with maharajji through the examples of religious stories from Garibdass's Baani,Gita and Puran.

Shri Satguru Brahmsagar maharaj bhuriwale ji was incarnation body that follows the path of Shri Acharaya Garib dass Maharaj and most of his precious period was devoted for "Chhudani Dham" which is constructed by his followers. The followers also constructed the "Dewan Khana" under the direction of Guruji.

Maharaji has aslo build Kutiyas (temples) for saints in many places of Punjab like at kailpur, Mandiyani, Talwandi, Raqba Sahib, Bhrami, Jalur, Chondha and Ludhiana. Most of the times he visited above said kutiyas and preached his disciples.

Among above said kutiyas, Maharajji prefered the Ludhiana kutiya most, where Maharaj`s birthday is celebrated every year on JanmAshtmi. And in these kutiya sangat flame the jot (Diya) on every morning and night and sangat pray to god by Sandhya Aarti.

Param Pujnia Maharaj Bhruriwale left us at the age of 85 yrs at village: Jallur Dham,where a great mandir is constructed in the memory of Maharaj Bhuriwale. Maharaj bhuriwale remains in the heart of every bhaktjan (followers) for forever.