"Tree Plantation Drive" by Vedhant Acharya Swami Chetnanand ji Bhuriwale

Nawanshahr, August 25,2010

Vedhant Acharya Swami Chetna Nand ji Bhuriwale Planting a tree on occasion of "World Environment Day" here in Malewal Dham

Vedhant Achayra Swami Chetna Nand ji Bhuriwale the present head of Maharaj Bhuriwale Sampraday organised a "Tree Plantation Drive" with their followers on the occasion of "World Environtment Day" at Dham Malewal in the district of S.B.S Nagar today.

Maharaj ji said :To understand all about global warming, you need to understand the importance of tress for human beings and for the eco-balance.There is no doubt that we need orxygen which is provided by trees.

Maharaj ji added :More important is to restore our ozone layer which is possible only by planting trees like "Pipal"or"Tulsi" etc which has greater value in spiritual field also.They applead their followers to plant at least one tress for the betterment of our environment.

They said : It is time to stop complaining and do whatever we can do to preserve our environment.

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